Co-OP Membership

What’s Required?

It is required that all members contribute to the Co-op. This means that you contribute your time and skills for the betterment of the Co-op. Your contribution can be in the form of administration or boat maintenance or both. Each member is required to put in 25 hours of assistance to the club per year. The Co-op needs volunteer positions filled such as Orientation, Training, Advertising, Book Keeping, Phone Committee, etc (lots to choose from). This can be considered your hours as well. On the maintenance side, the co-op has a Fleet Captain responsible for the coordination of maintenance of our “entire” fleet. The fleet captain would have an assistant, a captain for each boat and specialty crew leaders for the more technical aspects such as electrical, plumbing, motors, etc. Each boat captain has one or two assistants and a crew. This way the work gets spread around to all members. Even if you hold an administrative position, you are encouraged to assist in maintenance so that you get to learn about the boat you are sailing. If you like the social aspects, a social director would always be looking for volunteers to assist in organizing dances, picnics and other social events.

Annual Single Sailing Permit  $650

Members may purchase a single sailing permit that allows one person to sail up to 300 hours per year, attend all social functions, receive the newsletter and have voting rights

Annual Joint (Family) Sailing Permit  $750

Members can purchase a joint sailing permit that allows Married or Common Law Couple and their dependent children to sail up to 400 hours per year, attend all social functions, receive the newsletter and have voting rights.

One Time Initiation Fee and Capital Assessment  $400

The initiation/capital assessment is currently $400.00. It helps to cover the costs of capital upgrades past and future and is used to build an emergency fund to make unscheduled repairs throughout the year. It is paid one time by new members when you accept the bylaws, are accepted by the C0-op and have signed the waiver.

Waiting List $50 per year (if required)

People who pay the wait list fee will have priority in order of how long they are on the list when applying for membership in the Coop when there is a vacancy. Those, on the waiting list, do not have any sailing privileges or any voting privileges and are not considered Coop members.

The $5.00 Bucket

Members are asked to put $5.00 per person in a container each sail to help with costs for that sail.